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Custom Composite Tooling, Manufacture & Repair

The use of composite materials to fulfill structural applications continues to expand and is especially useful in the aerospace industry. Composite parts are fast-becoming the exclusive solution for prototype and production aircraft, both unmanned and manned. The creation of composite tooling for prototype and low rate production parts is a cost-effective solution for rapid prototyping.

GT Aeronautics takes great pride in providing high quality composite tooling and/or composite parts to fulfill your prototype and production needs. After a quick consultation with one of our staff, we can quickly determine the most cost-effective composite solution to suit your application. GT Aeronautics will create tooling made to your specifications and in a very short time provide you with the highest quality custom composite parts available. Best of all, you can determine the materials used in the production of your part so that it satisfies your structural requirements - in many cases, better than the original part.

cowling plug in frame cowling mold cowling in mold finished 2-part cowling
cowling left side view cowling right front view apart tail section front view tail section left side view

GT Aeronautics follows strict procedures during production of composite parts to ensure the highest quality. All of our composite parts are produced under vacuum (as high as 28" Hg) and heat cured to provide the lightest and strongest parts available. Custom composite parts are produced to your specifications, including materials, processes and finishing.

Both wet layups and prepreg layups are available with an infinite selection of materials. Typical composite fabrics include E and S-glass, Carbon Fiber, and Kevlar. Typical core materials include Rohacell, Structure Foam, End-grain Balsa, Aeromat and Hexcell. Gelcoat and primed exteriors are available on request.

GT Aeronautics provides an affordable solution for repeatable, quality, performance composites. We specializes in the manufacture of low volume composite parts and provide prototype tooling or parts from your engineering drawings or CAD solutions, up to and including complete aircraft solutions. Our engineering staff can reverse-engineer an OEM part for you and will create drawings for you if you do not have them. Costs are structured to accommodate either single parts or low/high rate production. Lead times may vary according to the complexity of the part and materials.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Call, email or write us for a quote. GT Aeronautics is ready to serve your composite needs.

engineering drawing isometric drawing tech adding wing cloth

Composite parts are lighter, stronger, and cost-effective! Let GT Aeronautics show you how!

Call or email us to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians to find out how cost-effective it is to produce composite parts for your project.

The first consultation is at no cost and our representative will meet with you at your convenience.

To order or for more information, contact:
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