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GT Aeronautics offers engineerng consulting for a variety of aircraft projects ranging from aircraft design and structures to intitial flight testing and flight performance evaluation. We have over 25 years of experience in the initial flight testing of unmanned aircraft and utilize FAA certified pilots for all flight performance evaluations and testing.

Our consulting engineers are educated in overall aircraft design, structures, composite engineering, avionics integration and flight performance and will provide a detailed analysis of your aircraft project after evaluation so that your project conforms to applicable engineering and flight standards.

Once evaluated, your design can also be referred to our manufacturing engineers for a complete development package that includes all engineering drawings, manufacturing tooling and aircraft components.

Creating a new aircraft design and/or modifying an existing one are complicated tasks that require extensive engineering education and training in order to achieve the desired results. Proper evaluation of your design/design change will reduce your overall cost and possibly save you hundreds of frustrating re-design man-hours later on.

The professional engineers at GT Aeronautics use a systematic engineering approach to evaluate and make recommendations for your design or modification, saving you time and money while providing the results and customer satisfaction you require - the first time.

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design aircraft
TS BLKII Wing Tank
TS BLKII Wing Tanks

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FAA Aircraft Certification

Flight of remotely piloted/unmanned aircraft in the United States is strictly regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Additionally, unauthorized flight of an unmanned aircraft in the National Airspace System (NAS) is a violation of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Fly legal! Not only is your company's reputation at stake, but FAA penalties and fines assessed for even a single airspace violation can be severe and can potentially impact your future RPAS/UAS flight operations.

Currently, remotely piloted/unmanned aircraft systems may be registered with the FAA and conduct commercial flights under Part 107 or operate using a Section 333 exemption. Certificate of Authorization (COA) and Experimental Certification are two other methods available.

GT Aeronautics has continuous access to the FAA rule-making bodies for remotely piloted/unmanned aircraft systems and can help with your Part 107 or Section 333 exemption process. We are also working closely with the FAA to create a pathway toward airworthiness Type Certification of RPAS/UAS, as well as Production Certification. Through consultations with your company professionals about your aircraft, its operating specifications & limitations, operational flight profiles, and intended flight areas, GT Aeronautics can complete the entire FAA certification process for your aircraft in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring compliance with all FAA regulations and directives.

Once certified, you may safely fly your aircraft with confidence, knowing that the FAA is fully aware of your operation and that your aircraft is considered safe in the eyes of the FAA, the public, and your potential clients.

From a liability standpoint, FAA Type Certified aircraft have a distinct advantage over non-certified aircraft because insurance carriers are fully aware of the strict standards of safety required by the FAA.

Finally, when the FAA eventually releases the National Airspace System to remotely piloted/unmanned aircraft for unrestricted commercial flight, your aircraft will be first in line for revenue operations, having already complied with all FAA requirements.

Flight Testing

Initial flight testing of a new or modified aircraft can cause even an experienced pilot to make simple mistakes that may result in system damage, structural damage or even the loss of the aircraft.

Why risk your investment? Let our experienced flight test pilots at GT Aeronautics perform your intitial flight tests.

Our flight test engineers will perform a complete airworthiness evaluation of your aircraft on the ground prior to flight so that any airworthiness issues can be identified and corrected prior to flight test.

Our engineers conduct their evaluations according to very strict standards and will not allow your aircraft to fly until it is ready.

Once your aircraft has completed a strict ground evaluation, your aircraft will be ready for its maiden flight with our competent flight test pilots at the controls.

Knowing that an aircraft has been properly evaluated prior to its first flight provides confidence, peace of mind, and an enjoyable first flight experience.

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NOTE: There is no charge for initial consultation regarding your project.
Fees are hourly-based thereafter.

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