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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the mission of GT Aeronautics?

A: The mission of GT Aeronautics is to support homeland security of the United States by providing innovative unmanned aircraft systems to U.S. military and commercial customers. Collateral missions include commercial RPAS/UAS operations, RPAS/UAS Pilot Services, RPAS/UAS Flight Training, Engineering Consulting, and Composite Parts Manufacturing, Tooling, and Composite Repair.

Q: What is the company structure of GT Aeronautics?

A: GT Aeronautics is a privately owned and operated Limited Liability Company registered in the State of Wyoming. The company is considered a small, veteran-owned, disadvantaged business and is registered with the Central Contractors Registry.

Q: Why does GT Aeronautics strictly conform to the idea of "American Made"?

A: The primary goal for GT Aeronautics is to create and keep jobs in the United States. By requiring all of the parts of our aircraft to be "Made in the USA", we not only provide completely U.S. built aircraft, but we also help promote and create additional jobs for Americans - a desirable goal that strengthens our U.S. economy.

Q: Will GT Aeronautics sell their products to foreign customers?

A: Yes, but only with full compliance of U.S. Department of Commerce regulations, International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and only if the sale and/or use of the product(s) does not impact the security of the United States or its allies.

Q: Can commercial organizations or individuals purchase GTA unmanned aircraft systems or products for their own specific needs or does GT Aeronautics limit its sales to government/military uses only?

A: GT Aeronautics unmanned aircraft systems and products are available to commercial organizations and individuals as well as government and military organizations, subject to U.S. Department of Commerce regulations, International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and only if the sale and/or use of the product(s) does not impact the security of the United States or its allies.

Q: What flight and/or aeronautical experience is necessary in order to fly and operate a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System?

A: While our unmanned aircraft systems are constructed so that they may be operated with minimal flight experience, rated pilots and operators that have previous experience with manned aircraft and/or radio control aircraft will have a distinct advantage when it comes to operating our unmanned aircraft systems. Additionally, GT Aeronautics recommends that all operators of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems should be rated pilots to ensure the safe operation of the system within the National Airspace System.

Q: Do GT Aeronautics unmanned aircraft systems have airworthiness certificates from the FAA?

A: Experimental airworthiness certification of our unmanned aircraft systems is underway and should be complete for the GT-60, GT-380, and GT-1500 by December 2016.

Q: Are there any limitations (such as day VFR) for the operation of GTA unmanned aircraft systems?

A: GT Aeronautics Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems may be operated during the day or night and even in weather. However, current restrictions by the FAA limit commercial operation of unmanned aircraft systems to day VFR flight. Military operations of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems within military restricted areas is conducted in accordance with military flight rules and the military flight clearance obtained for the specific system.

Q: Does GT Aeronautics provide complete Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems or just the aircraft platform?

A: Both. The Remotely Piloted Aircraft System manufactured by GT Aeronautics are complete systems that are ready to fly and include the Ground Control Station and all required support equipment plus operator training. We will also provide our airframes (Bandit RPAS, Tacamo RPAS, Bandito PGLM, GT-60, GT-380, and GT-1500) to DoD and commercial customers that wish to integrate the airframe with their own avionics. GT Aeronautics can also design and manufacture specific aircraft airframes for custom applications of our customers.

Q: Does GT Aeronautics work with manned aircraft systems as well as Remotely Piloted/Unmanned Aircraft Systems?

A: Yes. GT Aeronautics currently is providing services for optionally-piloted aircraft systems and can provide support for manned aircraft as well, such as Engineering Consulting, Composite Tooling, Composite Parts & Manufacturing, and composite repair work. Our facility also provides composite parts, manufacturing, and repair work for automobiles, motorcycles, and watercraft.

GT AERONAUTICS, LLC, 26 Elk Road, Cody, WY 82414-7810, Phone & FAX: (307) 587-5221