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GT-1500 Remotely Piloted Aircraft System

Aircraft Specifications


Endurance: 6 hours
Cruise Speed: 100 knots
Max Speed: 140 kts
Max Ceiling: 10,000 feet
Normal Cruise Altitude: 1000 - 5,000 feet
Range: 500 nautical miles
Takeoff/Landing Speed: 35 knots
Max Payload Capacity: 65 lbs total


Type: Single Engine, Tractor, V-Tail
Engine: 240cc 2 Cylinder (gasoline)
Construction: Modular, Compression Molded Composite
Landing Gear: Retractable w/suspension & brakes
Wingspan: 16'10"
Length: 10'3"
Height: 3'6"
Weight (dry/no payload): 100 lbs
Weight (wet/no payload): 160 lbs
Weight (wet/payload): 245 lbs max
Gapless flight control surfaces
Inflight starter/generator (650 watts)
Leading & Trailing Edge Flaps
LED Navigation & Landing Lights
Reconfigurable for all autopilots
Forward Look Camera (FLC)
IR Night Landing System (IRNLS)(optional)

Payload Options

Centerline Fuselage Payload (25 lbs)
Wing Payload Stations (4) (optional - 10 lbs each)
Wing Fuel Tanks (optional)

GT Aeronautics Bandit UAS Bandit UAS

The GT-1500 RPAS is a modular unmanned aircraft system designed to fulfill multi-role applications in the short field takeoff and landing environment. The aircraft incorporates multiple high-lift devices and "all-composite" construction to enable flight operations in confined rural and urban areas. With the high-lift devices stowed, the specially-designed laminar-flow airfoil allows the GT-1500 to cruise in excess of 100 knots, reducing the "base to on-scene" flight time and extending its range. The fixed landing gear provides robust capability in rough-field operations. The retractable landing gear (optional) reduces drag and includes a rugged shock suspension system, steerable nosewheel and brakes on the main wheels. The powerplant is an air-cooled, twin cylinder engine that incorporates an electric starter for inflight start and a generator system capable of 650 watts of inflight power. An internal 5 gallon fuel supply and wing station fuel can provide endurance exceeding 10 hours and 500 nautical miles. On-site assembly, launch, and operation are accomplished with only 2 personnel in 30 minutes or less. The aircraft can launch and recover from semi-prepared surfaces. The aircraft utilizes high-intensity LED and/or IR lighting for night operations. Night landings are performed using a portable IR night landing system.

NOTE: The performance specifications listed above are calculated. The GT-1500 RPAS is currently completing flight testing. Performance specifications will be validated when all flight testing is complete.

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